6 Tips for Air Travelling with your French Bulldog

By. Esther Álvaro / frenchiemania.com Are you going to travel by plane for the first time with your french bulldog? You know what things are important beforeplanning your trip? Normally is not something that we do every day, but you might change residence or go for a longer periodthan normal on holidays and decide to travel with your frenchie. There are many dogs traveling with their owners, but it is very important that you prepare yourselves for […]

10 Rules you have to Follow in Houses with Dogs

By. Esther Álvaro / frenchiemania.com My Frenchie is the King of my house My house, his house, our rules. Do you have visitors at home that don´t like the company of your french bulldog?  That can´t be! Better to clear things up, because for frenchie addicts our dog-kids are everything and whoever comes to the house has to respect that don´t you think? With the little angels they are, who […]