We are sure that you not only want a pet , you are here because you wish to have a new family member.
Therefore we have become specialists in giving satisfaction to people like you.
You can be confident about having the new home member in excellent health and purity conditions.


Since the year 2010 we are giving affection to many homes with the presence of puppies in perfect conditions.


We handle the highest standars of quality, genetics and specific characteristics of the English and French bulldogs.


We deliver bulldogs with high health standars, ensuring a pleasant experience from the begining.

Why Choose Us?

What we do besides of being our profession, is our passion.

We are happy to know that our bulldogs are being left  in good hands and that our customers are satisfied with the perfect health of their new family member.



  • Professional staff
  • Consultation
  • Adaptation process help
  • High Experience
  • Personal sell