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Are you going to travel by plane for the first time with your french bulldog? You know what things are important beforeplanning your trip? Normally is not something that we do every day, but you might change residence or go for a longer periodthan normal on holidays and decide to travel with your frenchie.

There are many dogs traveling with their owners, but it is very important that you prepare yourselves for the journey.

#1 Be well informed on the various airlines

There are numerous airlines and depends from where to where you travel you may not be able to choose from many, but it is important to inform yourself on the conditions of each regarding the transport of animals/pets because they are not the same. And like everything, there might be some that are more trustworthy than others or even you might have someone you know that have the experience before.

The price of the ticket for your french bulldog will not be the same, and it will depend on the distances and countries where you fly to.

Before choosing one is recommended to inform yourself very well on the conditions under which will travel your french bulldog, the insurance covering the trip, and resolve any doubts that may arise.

#2 Update your french bulldog information

If you are traveling from one country to another or even better from one continent to another, you must have your french bulldogwith proper identification, meaning, chip. Manage his international primer putting up with all their health and administrative requirements. If he is identified and was lost for some reason, there will be more chances of finding him faster.

You´ll also need to have updated his health card with vaccinations, and any other information necessary to include on his health.

#3 Visit the vet before the trip

Air travel, and even if they are many hours will be very stressful for your french bulldog. It is also desirable to bring him before travelling to the vet to make a complete review and rule out  a problem that may arise during flight.

You may have heard that in some cases there are people who floss their pets before a long journey, but this is not recommended because it can increase respiratory and heart problems, and even more taking into account that a french bulldog is a delicate dog. Many companies may request in writing that ensures that the dog has not been sedated in question for any problems that may arise. Sedatives and height are a bad combination, so it is better to avoid giving any medicine to your french bulldog

#4 Buy a good carrier

Only dogs weighing up to 8 kg including the weight of the carrier may travel in the cabin, so probably your french bulldog by the standard weight of the race have to travel in the aircraft hold.

It is therefore essential to buy a good carrier: which not opens itself easilyresistantgood ventilation and as comfortable as possible for your frenchie. The carrier should be high enough so that your frenchie can move, stand, turn and lay down, especially if it’s a long flight. Each company will have a permitted dimensions for the dog, and you have to first inform yourself.

Do not forget to put in a visible area your data so that they can identify and deliver as easy and fast as possible your french bulldog upon arrival at your destination country at the airport. You must include: your pet’s name, your name, your address, your phone and data destination.

It is also recommended that with timeprepare your french bulldog for travelfor his carrier. Meaning, with as long as possible if he is not used to pet carrier or it is new, motivate him to go in, you can shove some goodies inside, his blanket or a toy so he gets used to the new place. If you also can a few hours to leave home, leave him inside to get used to that, the first day 15 minutes, the second day half an hour… little by little he´ll be relaxed. This way you are training for the trip, there are dogs that carry it well and others that unlikely it is a bit harder and if it is a long trip can have serious consequences if it is not assured that he cannot travel to your side.

#5 Preparing early the day of travel

Now it´s time to travel, and it is important to prepare your french bulldog. It is recommended that he travels on an empty stomach or partially empty, so if he gets dizzy he won’t throw up and he won´t be worse. Try to feed him well the day before, because nothing will happen if he stays a few hours without eating.

Arrive with enough time to the airport to walk with him a good while before the plane takes off, let him stretch his legs, relax, and of course poop. You can also give drinks before traveling but not excessively.

You can put a garment of yours on the pet carrier and he´ll feel safer. Don´t forget your leash and a bottle of water for when you arrive.

#6 Make sure he is all right upon your arrival

Upon your arrival, they will indicate where you can pick up your french bulldog. When you’re in an area where you can alreadytake him out, do it slowly so he can also land and walk a little. Sure after hours of flight he will be very happy to see you. Perhaps the day of arrival he´ll be a little strange, that is not very lively and even when you are at home he won´t want to eat, but it´s ok, give him fresh water, and let him relax. Gradually he will get used to the new environment and I´m sure he´ll be happy to be around you.

We know it’s not an easy decision, but sometimes it’s the only if you’re going to change the country or to go for a while and of course want your frenchie to be with you. Do not be afraid everything will be ok, after the flight you will meet with your french bulldog. If you consider these tips for both’re ready for the flight everything will be great.

If you are nervous, your dog will notice that, so you should transmit calm. If you have flight with your french bulldog, we would love to hear your experience since we are a lot that haven´t lived that situation and tips are always welcome. It this post was intersting for you do not hesitate and share it with your friends in your favorite social media.

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